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Happy Trails plans trails according to the best modern standards of sustainability. These principles include:

  • Identifying boundaries, land managers, and users

  • Determining control points- places where the trail should and should not go.

  • Alignment with the contour of the land to minimize the intersection of flowing water and the trail line

  • Controlled grade suitable for the terrain and the intended user.

  • Integrated water control, utilizing sideslope on the trail bench and grade reversals to ensure all water exits the trail as soon as possible.

  • Durable tread created by “full bench” construction, where the entire width of the trail tread is based on original soil.

  • minimize costly structures such as bridges or foreign aggregates.

A successful trail network will have a Trail Management Objective (TMO) which is made up of:

  • Length of the trail

  • Trail Class – will this trail be highly developed or minimally developed

  • Level of difficulty for the intended use.

  • Managed Use – What uses will be allowed on this trail

  • Designed Use – What uses other uses may be  

TRAIL planning